I hate makeup

Friday, December 11, 2015

Today i want to share with you about myself,i mean how i dress my self as a girl.
Did you see the title i wrote??
"i hate makeup"?? Yes,i may not the only one who hate makeup,maybe some of other girls are like me,but minority of them.

I don't like makeup,even just a slight,very light makeup,or just a lipstick,!i don't want them to touch my face.
First:i could think,these product contain chemicals!of course,if not how we could produce these products
Second:For me,even i never try it before,these makeup could give effect to my skin.
Third:I will definitely look weird,in makeup.
Forth:I want to look neutral,no fake face!

Then,what did i do as a girl??
Yes,i do love skincare product,face and skin care product,probably i'll buy products produce from china,taiwan,japan and korea.

What type of products did i use,skin care product:

  • Miss moter(wax,both face and hand wax)
  • Masker,(face mask and eye patched)

 #All these product manufactured from Taiwan and Korea

And i do make own traditional masker which comes from
2.White eggs
3.Yogurt(non flavor)

Every time i hangout with friends,i will go to WATSON to buy my skin care products that i trust!

I did applied cream(beauty cream) onto my face,probably when i gonna go to class,hangout with friends and after shower.

What type of beauty cream did i wear?
I wear this product for more than 5 years.and never changed to other which is Fair&Lovely.Just that,i don't wear BB cream or CC cream.A lot of creams can damage my skin.
I do wear toner,because it helps to cover your pores.Toner i used is fix and never changed to other brand.What brand(toner) that i used??I used Safi Balqis Perfect 10,white tryology.

I afraid to used mix product,because it will give effect onto our face,since our skin's face is sensitive.
I can't deny,although i really take good care of my skin,there must be acne grows.
These probably because of dusts trap into my pores and i late to clean my face.Other reason is because of hormone.

Cleansing foam,that i used,sometimes i used fair&lovely,if i ran out of that cleansing foam,i will buy others,that i really trust,made of organic source.
Currently,im using cleansing foam,made of mixture of mangosteen and Habbatus Sauda.
It smells really good too,the smell of mangosteen is strong.

Makeup indeed make you beauty,the power of makeup could change your face even more beautiful and be other person,but need to be aware,not all makeup are safe to be use,if you really want to wear it,make sure you have makeup remover to remove all those chemicals from your face,if it left just like that,it will give bad effect to your skin.

Suggestion:even though i don't wear makeup..but i do love product from Korea,beauty products,if you want to wear makeup,i suggest you to buy makeup and cosmetics from Etude House.
How do i know?
I go shopping with my friend la!
Maybe i could trust it,because Korean really take good care of their skins,probably their product will be effective to your skin.Safe guarantee 90%.Hahahaha.

Even Sulli and Dara wear it.Hahaha!